Service is a big part of the Peninsula Catholic education experience, and many students work year-round in areas of need around our community. This month, sophomore Paula-Ann Robertson was recognized by the Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC) of Hampton Roads for her dedication to the organization and the people they serve. In their February newsletter, the YVC wrote the following about Paula-Ann:

Our Volunteer of the Month is Paula-Ann Robertson. She is a sophomore at Peninsula Catholic High School and joined YVC last year when a group of her friends told her about our great program. From attending her first event, Special Olympics Bowling, to now, Paula-Ann has served over 50 hours with Youth Volunteer Corps Hampton Roads and serves as a member of our Youth Advisory Board.

Outside of YVC she spends her time playing sports, reading, watching Netflix and hiking. Following high school she sees herself studying medicine and continuing to help others.

Through YVC she says, “I found that I loved volunteering because not only was it great work that I was doing but I was also having fun at the same time.”

Her love for volunteering led her attending our Summer of Service Camp this past summer. One of the stops of camp happened to be one of her favorite projects, serving at Gardens of Warwick Forest. She says what she enjoyed most was spending a couple of hours with the residents in the dementia unit, playing floor soccer and just being there to get to know them.

Paula-Ann says, “It helped me to realize that the little things make the biggest impact on others.” In hopes of drawing more people to YVC, Paula-Ann and her friends started a new YVC club at Peninsula Catholic. She wanted to share the great experiences she has had with YVC with other students in her school, and the club has been off to a great start.

They have their second meeting coming soon and Paula-Ann has not been shy in recruiting new members, telling them, “YVC isn’t just your typical volunteer club, but an organization full of great people and great experiences.”

We are so proud of all that Paula-Ann has done with YVC, of her dedication to service and making our community better with each day. Congratulations, Paula-Ann.