Brian T. Olszewski, The Catholic Virginian

In a letter to his brother Knights, Ed Polich, State Deputy for the Knights of Columbus State Council of Virginia, said the organization’s new fraternal year, which began July 1, “will be a year of conversion.”

While Polich’s message was focused on members’ spiritual lives, another conversion has taken place within the Virginia Knights — a revamped website.

According to Polich, the site provides “more of a friendly experience for users,” particularly those in leadership positions at local councils who need to access forms and other information to share with their members.

But there is another reason for the revamping of

“The future of the order is dependent on younger people,” Polich said. “We needed to make it attractive to millennials, those who are used to this contemporary look and feel.”

The site is a tool that will assist the Knights in carrying out the Faith in Action programs that “speak to and relate directly to our young people,” he said.

Faith in Action, an undertaking of the Knights’ Supreme Council, encompasses faith, family, community and life. All of the Knights’ endeavors fall into one of those categories. The website, according to Polich, will help introduce visitors to the Virginia State Council’s programs, including Keep Christ in Christmas and KOVAR, which lists its various charitable undertakings, e.g., providing scholarships and supporting Special Olympics.

“Faith in Action helps build stronger, faith-based beliefs among Knights and in their families,” Polich said. “It ties into the parish.”

That building, he said, is one of the reasons the website was revamped.

 “We were not just building a website; we had to have content to support it. Throughout the messaging, we’re stressing Faith in Action,” Polich said, adding, “We need to keep the faith and live it.”