Alex Previtera, Special to The Catholic Virginian

With the support of 16,444 donors across the Diocese of Richmond, the 2018 Annual Diocesan Appeal has raised $4,162,698, exceeding its goal of $3,117,096 (figures as of Tuesday, April 24).

This amount puts the diocese less than $25,000 away from meeting the previous highest mark, which was reached in 2017. With additional activities slated to occur at the diocesan and parish levels, the Appeal is projected to move significantly past that amount.

The more donations received for the 2018 Appeal, the more the diocese is sending back to the parishes for their local priorities. In addition, it is providing opportunities for significant ministries of the larger Church. Right now, the Appeal is making an impact in the Catholic Church in various ways:

• Since 2010, nearly $11 million has been sent back to the parishes for their local priorities.

• The Fuel & Hunger Fund is 100 percent funded by the Appeal. Over the past five years, $1,410,000 has been distributed to parishes and Catholic organizations.

• Retired priests receive pensions, health insurance and long-term care due in part to the generosity of those who support the Appeal.

Making a gift is easy and convenient. For more information on the ministries the Appeal supports or to find out how you can contribute to the Appeal, please visit:

Alex Previtera, CFRE is the Director of Development and Operations for the Catholic Community Foundation of the Diocese of Richmond.