After prayerful consideration, the College of Consultors for the Catholic Diocese of Richmond convened Tuesday, Aug. 22, 2017, and elected Msgr. Mark Lane to serve as Diocesan Administrator, as required by Canon Law following the death of Bishop Francis X. DiLorenzo.  Mgsr. Lane immediately assumes his duties as Diocesan Administrator and will lead the Catholic Diocese of Richmond until the Holy Father, Pope Francis, appoints a new bishop. During this transition, Mgsr. Lane will be assisted in the governance of the Diocese by the College of Consultors.

Msgr. Mark Lane, a member of the clergy of the Diocese for 44 years was ordained a priest at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Richmond by Bishop Walter Sullivan. He holds ecclesiastical degrees from Saint Mary’s Seminary and University in Baltimore and the Catholic University of America.  In addition, he has a Doctorate in Pastoral Psychotherapy. He was appointed Prelate of Honor by Pope Benedict XVI on 19 April 2008 and previously served as Vicar of Clergy for 11 years, prior to his appointment by Bishop DiLorenzo as Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia in 2011.

The Diocese continues to ask for the Holy Spirit to guide the Church. We especially ask for prayers for Monsignor Lane and for the repose of the soul of Bishop DiLorenzo who will be entombed at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart.

Background on the Role of the College of Consultors

The College of Consultors in the Diocese of Richmond is comprised of eight priests specifically appointed by the bishop who serve five year terms and advise the bishop on important matters for the Diocese.