For a Knight charity begins at home. This local project needs your help! The Knights of Columbus Council 5476 Brothers is challenging brother Knights to raise funds for a much-needed refrigerated food truck for the St. Francis “Home” in Richmond. The refrigerated truck will be used to pick up healthy food donations for its residents. A slightly used refrigerated truck could cost $50,000.

– Did you know the St Francis Home houses 125 low or no- income Richmond residents?

– Did you know the residents enjoy three full meals daily and the Home has recently built a Nutrition Center?

– Did you know the Home needs help to transport and stock up their food supplies?

Thanks to their partnership with Feedmore, a dramatic increase in food donations has resulted for St. Francis Home. Not knowing which food items will be donated requires them to purchase milk, eggs and other items from the Virginia Food Bank and use a Sysco refrigerated food truck to transport the food.

The good news is: So far, St. Francis Home has raised nearly $40,000 thanks to its annual Monte Carlo-Casino Night Fund Raiser and from donations from other contributors.

The St. Bridget Knights of Columbus Council 5476 has cut a check to St. Francis Home for $1,000. Brother Knights, what’s in you wallet? Please join us and contribute to this worthy cause today!

Mail your check to The St. Francis Home, 65 W Clopton St. Richmond, VA 23225, or contact Pam Embry by calling her on 804-237-5602 to make your donations. Thank you for contributing!