By Stephen Previtera Of The Catholic Virginian

In May, 1992, St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church in Glen Allen celebrated its first Mass as a community. On May 21, 2017, the church celebrated its 25th anniversary with “OneMass,” a special event that allowed the entire church community to join together. The sacred celebration commemorated twenty-five years of service to the Gospel.

Knights of Columbus led the procession into The Robins Center to begin the 25th Anniversary Celebration.

Parishioners gathered together at The Robins Center at the University of Richmond for the 11a.m. OneMass. Approximately 2,300 individuals joined in. The joyous celebration included original members of St. Michael’s and newcomers from 2017. Attendees testified that the presence of Christ could be felt and the love of a welcoming community was celebrated.

The special event concluded with a reception. There members joined together to share stories of the past, bonded over the celebration itself, and were energized to continue future work in the community. At the reception, food was served and parishioners “delighted” in the celebration that brought so many together.

Musicians and singers performed “How Great Is Our God,” one among many songs. Tom Kaczmarek, Director of Music Ministry said afterwards, “I deeply appreciate the unique gifts that each one of you brings to the table, and I love you all!”

The St. Michael’s community was strengthened in faith with their special celebration on May 21st and all members welcomed the feeling of belonging. According to attendees, it was a day St. Michael’s will remember and celebrate for many years to come.