Chalk art welcomes Diocesan Youth Work Camp participants to the UV-Wise campus, Sunday, June 30.

By the numbers:

Here is what the 90 participants in the Diocesan Youth Work Camp accomplished in southwestern Virginian during the last week of June:

300 feet of wheelchair ramps built

14 families served

7 rooms painted

6 floors repaired

4 windows installed

3 sets of stairs built

3 houses sided with vinyl

3 houses received drywall

2 porches repaired

2 houses insulated

1 porch built

1 handicap accessible shower installed

With tools and supplies at hand, work crews receive instructions prior to beginning their projects for the day.

Campers maneuver “skis” during a team building exercise on the
opening evening of camp.

Audrey Jones from St. Mary, Richmond, and Meghan Byrne from St. Thomas Aquinas, Charlottesville, cut a piece of drywall at a job site.

A volunteer assists a camper in preparing an opening for installation of a window.

A participant learns to operate a circular saw as a volunteer supervises.

Rachel Kraft and Lizzy Neylan-Ames, members of St. Edward the Confessor, Richmond, give rides to children at one of the homes where campers worked.

Bishop Barry C. Knestout and Father George Prado serve dinner to the participants.

Joseph Ferry from St. Mary, Richmond, and Tom Nauss from St. Anthony, Norton, secure a board to a mobile home

Campers help build a porch.

Crosses on their hands remind the youth that Jesus is at the center of their work.