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October 29, 2012 | Volume 87, Number 26


2012 Diocesan Appeal exceeds goal

With the support of 11,068 donors across the Diocese, the 2012 Annual Diocesan Appeal has now raised $2,300,581, exceeding its initial goal of $2,250,000.

As of October 23rd, 67 parishes out of 146 have exceeded their 2012 target.

Thus far, there has been one parish over 300 percent, seven parishes over 200 percent, and 59 parishes over 100 percent.

As in the previous two Appeals, all parishes will receive back a significant portion of the total amount collected for their important local priorities. Over the past two Appeals, the parishes have received nearly $2 million in total.

In addition to the parish sharing opportunity the Appeal presents, there are also many important ministries and programs that benefit from this effort. Here are some of the highlights:

Although the campaign has exceeded the overall goal, the Appeal is still gaining a strong response from parishioners. In fact, the list of parishes that have exceeded their target continues to increase on a daily basis.

Alex Previtera is the Director of Development for the Catholic Diocese of Richmond.

On November 5, letters on behalf of the pastors will be sent to any previous Appeal contributors who have not yet given to the 2012 effort. In addition, a significant number of parishes are continuing to promote the Appeal at Mass and the Diocese has a number of follow-up activities planned to ensure that everyone is given the opportunity to participate.

“The Appeal is a unique opportunity for all of the parishes in our Diocese to come together with one voice to accomplish the goal of helping those in need while growing essential ministries and programs,” said Bishop Francis X. DiLorenzo. “It is my sincere hope that all of our parishioners will prayerfully consider joining us in this very important initiative.”

Appeal Honor Roll as of October 23

The Honor Roll is a list of parishes that exceed their targets. Hopefully your parish will be included soon!

Parishes OVER 300%

Parishes OVER 200%

Parishes OVER 100%

Making a gift is easy and convenient. For more information on the ministries the Appeal supports or to find out how you can contribute to the Appeal, please visit:

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