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September 17, 2012 | Volume 87, Number 23


Responsible gun ownership timely discussion

I want to thank The Catholic Virginian for having the courage for printing a diagram “Thoughts on Gun Control” on page 8 of the September 3 issue.

It was also noted that it is on the same page as Steve Neill’s editorial titled “Pro-life presence.” With the recent shootings in our nation and in Virginia (Virginia Tech and Appomattox), responsible gun ownership is a timely and worthwhile discussion.

I take heart in the late Cardinal Bernadin’s phrase “The Seamless Garment of Life.” Being Pro-Life is about protecting the unborn. Yes! But as Bernadin would say it is also about nuclear disarmaments, protecting non-combatants in war, finding alternatives to capital punishment, caring for those terminally ill and responsible gun ownership.

Let the dialogue and discussion continue.

“Thoughts on Gun Control” did not appear in the web edition of The Catholic Virginian.

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Catholic woman objects ‘cafeteria Catholicism’

I just saw a segment on television with Fr. John Morris. The panel was discussing Caroline Kennedy making the bold statement “as a Catholic woman” in support of “women’s reproductive health”.

Fr. Morris found Ms. Kennedy to be misrepresenting herself as a “Catholic woman” and would have been accurate instead to characterize herself as a Catholic dissident. I have to say he is absolutely correct.

I, as a Catholic woman with three teenaged daughters, am sickened that “Catholic” females love to justify their “choice” as realistic, modern and forward thinking while waving the mantle of Mary.

Be it abortion OR contraception, both of these choices are wrong on a variety of levels no matter what age one lives in. They BOTH actually hurt women and strip them of dignity, numbing them to the true value they posses.

To abort is murder and to use chemicals to deny your body its fertility in order to more conveniently service a male sexually is pathetic and a true step backward for all women.

The birth control ploy is for fools and tools. Before READING and researching the reasons why the Catholic Church, my Catholic Church, takes the stand it does, honestly, I was indifferent. When I was personally confronted with my reasoning, or lack thereof, I knew I had to become educated.

After researching the REAL effects of contraception on a woman’s body as well as the devastating physical and psychological scars left on a woman post abortion, I discovered it is intellectually dishonest for so-called feminists, not just “Catholic” women, to support EITHER of these practices.

Being open to abortion and contraception is about as anti-woman as humanity can get. “Catholic” women need to educate themselves. If they don’t wish to take responsibility for knowing the facts and choose to live a lie, there are many other Christian sects they can turn to that condone the anti-woman, anti-person strategy of “family planning.”

Stop claiming to be Catholic when you are in fact a Cafeteria Catholic or as they called it in the days of intellectual honesty, a heretic.


CV thanked for helping pro-life presence

Thank you for using editorial space to rally a Catholic presence at the Board of Health hearing on September 14.

It is crucial that the pro-life community make our voice heard to protect women from the predatory practices of abortion mills in our diocese.

As a practicing registered nurse, I understand the necessity of regulation in maintaining high standards and safe patient care. It is unimaginable to me that abortion facilities with poor reputations for patient care remain unregulated.

This is absolutely dangerous to the well-being of women in Virginia. Women and children deserve more than the despair that Planned Parenthood and the other abortion mills in our state are selling.

Thanks to the Catholic Virginian for once again standing up for life and the for well-being of women.


Scientists find truth in global climate change

Regarding comments by Charles Dunkl and particularly Barbara Thornton in previous letters to the editor, most of the scientists against the global warming issue are funded by the American Petroleum Institute which, to my understanding, includes the University of Virginia.

If you were to disregard scientists funded by “big oil,” you would find 100 percent unity in that there is climate change.

We have had heating and cooling of the earth for ages. However, this is the first time we are experiencing global climate warming after man’s impact of the Industrial Revolution.

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