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April 30, 2012 | Volume 87, Number 13






– Necrology


Committed Catholic raises questions

Your article “Bishop challenges ‘High commitment Catholics’” (April 16 issue) brought many things to mind. Without being judgmental, how are “high commitment Catholics” discerned from “low and medium commitment Catholics?”

Also, as the “high committed” are asked to help the “low and medium committed” proclaim the “Glad Tidings of Jesus Christ,” why is there no similar exhortation to help the droves of Catholics who have left the Church, the totally uncommitted?

How did this current situation come about? I am an old lady, a cradle Catholic, who has been watching this evolution for at least five decades. My experiences in observing this evolution are largely limited to what has occurred on the Peninsula.

The article mentioned “. . . many Catholics see the sacraments as important in their lives and most still believe in the Real Presence in the Eucharist?” I thought the Doctrine of the Real Presence was dogma of the Catholic faith. Is it an optional belief? Does one commit to an optional belief?

We’ve lived through half a century where the mysteries of faith have been ignored, contradicted, apologized for, denied. Who has taken a stand during this time to say these things are wrong?

With such a prevailing attitude toward the mysteries of the Incarnation and Redemption, what has been left to respect and commit to?

I remain a committed Catholic.

(Editor: Belief in the Real Presence in the Eucharist is not optional for Catholics.)

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Mormon missionaries visited small parish

Your April 2 edition featured the Church of the Nativity, Buckingham. My co-worker, although a Mormon, is from Buckingham so I brought the article in for her to see.

graphic: rules for sending letter to editorShe indeed recognized some of the people, but what really caught her eye was two young men in the picture with the congregation. These young men are Mormon missionaries.

Although she could not say exactly why they are with our fellow Catholics, she mentioned that they could be part of their ‘interfaith group’ which goes into the community to help with improvements or any needs of many other faiths.

I think the Lord is pleased, whatever the reason.

(Editor: Yes, indeed, the two young men who are Mormon missionaries had asked to attend Mass the same day (Feb. 11) The Catholic Virginian visited Church of the Nativity in Buckingham. They not only attended Mass, but they spoke with Father Anthony Morris, pastor, gathered for the group photo and then stayed for a potluck supper at which they had a chance to talk with parishioners.)

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