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April 4, 2011 | Volume 86, Number 12






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Laity need to pray for priests, attend Mass

I was saddened by the letter in the March 7 issue concerning sexual abuse scandals plaguing the Church resulting in lack of trust in our leaders.

Yes, it is a horrendous crime committed by those who have pledged their lives to Jesus Christ and should have been trustworthy, but I think there is something bigger here that we are overlooking.

Have we as lay people been praying for our priests?

Jesus chose 12 apostles and even one of them used his free will to choose to turn away from The Truth. There is a devil and he has set his sights on our priests and on our families.

Both are under assault. We may think that evil is winning, but Jesus told us that He would not leave us orphans. This is why our faith in Jesus in the Eucharist must be our anchor.

Jesus knew that His Church would be under attack when He assured us that “the gates of hell would not prevail against it.” (Mt 16:18)

Only a small fraction of our priests have been unfaithful. Have we been praying for our priests that they remain faithful and that with God’s grace that they strive for the holiness that we, as laity, will emulate?

graphic: rules for sending letter to editorThe writer said that she goes to church for her children and also that she believes that the Roman Catholic Church is the church established by Jesus.

Those are excellent reasons, however, since the Eucharist is the sum and substance of our faith. Seems to me that is where her and our emphasis should be.

Complain to Jesus in the Eucharist! Ask Him to bless His priests with holiness, to protect them from the snares of the devil and to bring many more holy men to the priesthood.

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Latin Mass parishioners much younger than expected

First, about the composition of the parishioners attending the Latin Mass. The Editor was absolutely correct (Feb. 7 issue). A few years back we received a request from the diocese asking us to find ways to increase the participation of younger members on the Parish Council.

Apparently the norm in the diocese was people past 60. We had to inform them that of the dozen members on the council only one was past 60 and one was in the early 20s.

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